Outreach Hosting the FTC Qualifier

The FIRST program is successful because of the many volunteers and sponsors who contribute their own time to helping students discover science and engineering. Whether this be through mentoring or funding or allowing a team to use their building, without sponsors, the FIRST program would not be where it is now.

One such sponsor is the Blue Valley District and their CAPS program. On January 21, 2017,  our team was able to host a qualifier because of their amazing generosity. Many volunteers showed up, ranging from FTC and FRC members to mentors to just kind community members willing to give a hand wherever possible.

The twenty two teams that showed up to the qualifier had a lot of fun competing, and qualifying for the Missouri State competition. There was many great instances of gracious professionalism, at the qualifier. One instance for example, was when a team lent out many of their multi plugs to other teams. The hosting teams, 11874 the Metal Mavericks, and 6547 the Cobalt Colts were vary gracious throughout the competition, lending out parts and wood to other teams. Some team members from 11874 also met some great people from other teams, and made some really good friends.

Although everyone did well at the qualifier, there was only space for five teams to continue onto State. Those teams were

1073 Ravonicks Gemini – Inspire Award Winner

3409 Astromechs – Winning Alliance Captain

11874 Metal Mavericks – Inspire Award 2nd Place

6547 Cobalt Colts – Hosting Team

Good jobs to all the teams and good luck at State!